After the course the appetite is not only back, he's rastormazivate, and hence, the lost weight will return with a vengeance

Obesity is a lifestyle disease. Many people get fat due to the fact that they themselves form the harmful food habits — there, in front of the TV to eat up the favorite child... But if I can not sleep, you can plump to eat and night, but no need to poison yourself with drugs!

A deadlock occurs when in the morning hating yourself, you get on the scale, and quietly wiping the tears, vowing to himself to immediately hop on the strict diet. Day from the constant pangs of hunger brewing overwhelming feeling of self-pity, which in the evening may relieve only the abundant dinner. A feeling of pity disappears, and with saturation comes back hatred...

This is the most banal scheme vicious cycle when eating disorders and to break the vicious circle is possible, but not tablets, temporarily blocking the hunger center. We need a therapist who will help you to understand the causes of such problems. And without a nutritionist, who will devise for you the best food, can not do.

Weight loss "pills" — escape from myself, from my problems. "Lose weight right" how to convince the same magazine and the Club means to replace unhealthy eating habits with healthy. Should:
first, to understand the causes of excess weight, and they are in 98% of cases psychological.
second, find the incentive that would be more important than the extra Patty. thirdly, gradually, without violence against a sidelining of dietary fat or too sweet products — suppliers of our subcutaneous fat, and replace them with useful and safe for the figure.
and the main thing — to understand what you're doing, and believe in themselves: he gained weight, he will lose weight.

Miracles do not exist. It is impossible to sleep fat and Wake up thin, can not be "smart pill" that burns fat in those areas in which you need". Even Cinderella her fairy godmother appeared only as a reward for hard work and patience...